Sell Anywhere, Grow your Business.

KuzaForms is the simplest way to Receive Orders, Bookings, and Payments for goods
and services from Social Media Platforms, Blogs and other digital and offline mediums of your choice. There's no need for you to own a Website.

Launching Soon. Be Notified when we do.

How kuzaForms Works.

Add your Product/Service

Growing your business with KuzaForms is simple. Begin by adding a product or service on Kuza, add description and price where necessary.

Generate & Share KuzaForm

Create a form to collect order information from your customers and share the unique link to your form on social media, or embed in a website/blog.

Receive Orders & Payment

Receive orders, bookings, and payments for your goods and services through the shared link. You will be notified on every submission.

Be notified when we launch.